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You’re welcoming a baby into the family and it’s a very exciting time for everyone, but you’re finding yourself feeling isolated, stressed, overwhelmed, and even resentful by all the changes. You’re shoving those feelings down because you think “what do I have to feel bad about?” or “I have to be strong for her”. But, they are catching up to you and you’re not sure what to do.

Due to the expectation to present with the traditional “tough guy” or “supportive partner” stereotype, the difficulty of bringing a baby into the family is rarely talked about and can often result in feelings shown to exacerbate stress and depressive symptoms when left unaddressed.

Are you feeling:

  • Lonely or isolated from the mom and baby?
  • Rejected by your partner?
  • Increasingly stressed?
  • Exhausted or severely fatigued?
  • More irritable than usual?
  • Easily frustrated or angered?
  • Resentful of the baby?
  • Confused about your new role as parent or your continued role as partner?
  • More emotional than usual?
  • Excessive nervousness or excitability?

Don’t worry! You’re NOT ALONE and you CAN FEEL BETTER.

Although the primary focus is typically on the mom, it’s important to know that BOTH parents can struggle with Baby Blues or postpartum depression or anxiety. Approximately 5 to 10 percent of new dads will experience PPND (paternal postnatal depression) and one study shows that the risk goes up to 24 to 50 percent for men whose partners suffer from PPD.


I’m glad you asked! Let’s shift our focus now to a little problem/solution, shall we!

Let’s face it….you can’t keep going the way you’re going. It’s not working out very well, is it? In order to be the type of dad and partner that you want and they need, it’s time to start addressing the thoughts and feelings that are currently flooding your system and making everything just a bit harder for you.

Call me TODAY and let’s discuss a plan of action that is concise, directed, and effective with a goal of getting you back to your family as a happier and healthier you!

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